HAZON Solutions Introduces New Drone Program for Fortune 1000 Companies

HAZON Solutions inspecting a rail bridge

HAZON Solutions (“HAZON”), the national leader in drone inspection services, announced today that the company has launched The HAZON Drone Capability Development (DCD) program. The HAZON DCD is a comprehensive suite of services designed to support enterprise clients who are starting up an organic drone operations program. 

The HAZON DCD program includes tailored program design, basic and advanced drone flight training, and complete program management. To complement its DCD program, HAZON also offers value-added equipment sales and consulting services. The company’s commercial efforts are focused on Fortune 1000 organizations that have made large infrastructure investments, including large utilities and Class I railroads.

"It's an exciting time at HAZON. We're looking at significant expansions to HAZON as a whole as well as the DCD program in the coming months and expect to make follow on announcements this Spring."

David Culler, CEO

“We’re thrilled to carry our reputation for excellence in inspection services into other sectors of the drone space. The Drone Capability Development segment of our business is a logical progression,” said HAZON CEO David Culler,.Jr. “We’ve leveraged our experience in drone operations and responded to a strong demand signal from our existing customers.”

HAZON has appointed Ed Hine to lead the new business segment as director of drone capability development. Mr. Hine previously served as HAZON’s director of transportation and training. He brings nearly two decades of aviation experience to the DCD program, including 12 years spent flying for the United States Navy.  

“I’m humbled and excited to be leading this effort for HAZON,” said Hine. We’ve spent a great deal of time and energy developing the DCD program to meet the needs of our customers. I am confident that we have built an outstanding solution set for organizations looking to create a drone program of their own.” 

“It’s an exciting time at HAZON. We’re looking at significant expansions to HAZON as a whole as well as the DCD program in the coming months and expect to make follow on announcements this Spring,” said Culler. 

About HAZON Solutions

Based in Virginia Beach, HAZON Solutions is the leading U.S. developer of small unmanned systems operations, capability development, training, safety and testing programs. The mission of HAZON Solutions is to conduct, support, develop and validate small unmanned systems operations. Our goal is to provide unmatched quality, safety and value to our customers.

HAZON has deep roots in naval carrier aviation and intelligence systems.  The company’s leadership team has more than 100 years of cumulative command and operations experience in the most challenging and hostile aerial environments in the world. Its members share a common background of flying fighter jets from aircraft carriers. HAZON CEO David Culler, Jr., spent 26 years flying for the United States Navy, capping off his career as the Commanding Officer of Norfolk Naval Station, the world’s largest naval base. For more information visit www.hazonsolutions.com.


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